Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing


We offer corporate wellbeing packages tailored to your requirements. This may involve us coming in to your workplace and carrying out the full Fitness and Lifestyle screening on participating employees*.

Or, you may want to provide Wellness kits to all your employees so that they can measure their own vital signs on a daily basis from the comfort of their own home. 

Your employees can enter the results into the system using their smart phone, iPad or laptop to keep a record of their results on a daily basis. 

This data is shared securely with us so that we can monitor their results and send recommendations on diet, lifestyle and supplement changes each month.**

*Face-to-face screenings in West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Only. 

**The 'Your Future Vitality' Screening System is fully GDPR compliant. 

Daily 4 Wellness

The daily 4 Wellness checks on a daily basis if there's anything inflammatory or infection-wise happening to you your employees. 

What it measures:

The basic 4 for monitoring infection and inflammation.

  • Pulse rate
  • Temperature
  • Oxygenation (Spo2)
  • Lung capacity

What’s involved

Each morning:

  • Take a temperature reading
  • Check Oxygenation and Pulse with the SPO2 meter on a finger
  • Puff as hard as you can into a peak flow tube

Enter the results into the system online using either your phone, pad or laptop. The results will automatically trend so you can see your consistency on a daily basis.

The Results

If your temperature and resting pulse rate suddenly begin to increase and your oxygenation and lung capacity begin to decrease, then you know that something is beginning to affect you.

We're told that even Covid takes 2 to 5 days to infect us, but you should notice the trend before you even begin to feel ill.

Load up on vitamin C and hydrate then re-do the test at lunchtime, again mid-afternoon and again in the evening. If the trend is continuing, ensure you take precautions in case you are carrying a virus. Do the tests again the following morning, you'll see the speed the infection is increasing and take appropriate action.

Book an appointment either with your GP or to get a Covid test to see what is happening but you will be in control.

The Kit

  • Digital thermometer
  • SPo2
  • Peak Flow Monitor

*If you already own any items in the kit, you can exclude these and will not be charged.

**Training videos are provided


Kit Price - £58 (plus p&p) 
Subscription - £12 per month for an individual, discount for multiples.  

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