Holistic Health Screening

Fitness & Lifestyle Screening

Holistic Health Screening - A Unique Preventative Screening System

Holistic Health Screening provides in-depth insight into how your body deals with your current lifestyle, identifying causative reasons for imbalances.

Using medical-grade testing equipment, I conduct a thorough assessment of your health status through nearly 50 precise measures.

The Process

The health screening takes approximately one hour, and you will receive a detailed report immediately. This report clearly displays any problem areas. I will guide you through the results and create a personalised treatment plan, based on nutrition, lifestyle and purposeful supplementation recommendations, with simple steps for corrective action. The beauty of this approach is that the improvements you make are measurable and trend-able, allowing for continuous monitoring and adjustments.

Comprehensive Evaluation

This extensive evaluation provides a detailed understanding of your overall condition and functioning, helping to identify potential health issues early and promote long-term wellness.

Holistic Health Screening provides analysis of the measures that influence...

Screening Measures


Measurements Include:

  • Finger Prick Blood Sample for:
    • Cholesterol
    • Haemoglobin
    • Uric Acid
    • Glucose
  • Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate:
    • Both sitting and standing to indicate adrenal stress
  • Body Composition Analysis:
    • Height, weight, BMI
    • Fat to muscle ratio - whole body and each limb
    • BMR
    • Visceral fat
    • Retained water
    • Metabolic age
    • Bone mass
  • 6-Lead ECG:
    • To properly monitor the heart
  • Lung Capacity and Function
  • Circulation:
    • Flexibility of main arteries and peripheral circulation
  • Urine and Saliva Tests for:
    • pH
    • Liver and kidney function
    • Diet suitability and hydration
  • Oxygenation:
    • SpO2
  • Autonomic Nervous System:
    • SNS (get up and go)
    • PSNS (rest and digest)
    • Stress
    • Heart rate variability
  • Temperature

Your Path to Long-Term Vitality

I will guide you on the path to long-term vitality and wellness. Start your journey to better health today with our holistic health screening.


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