Younger You Programme


Younger You Programme

Using Nutrition and Lifestyle Practices to Reverse Your Biological Age

With Emmy Sammon, NHFDip MFNTP Nutritional Therapist
Trained ‘Younger You’ Practitioner

The Younger You programme is based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, a world-renowned doctor, scientist, and functional medicine expert.

During this programme you'll discover how your diet and lifestyle can turn back the clock on aging, reduce your risk of chronic diseases associated with aging, and increase your ‘Health Span’.


  • Decrease your biological age to increase your Health Span.
  • Slow down or prevent chronic illness and the aging trajectory.
  • Improve physiological aging markers using nutrient-rich foods and proven lifestyle practices.
  • Implement achievable strategies for lasting effectiveness.
  • Live younger, live better!

Younger You Intensive 8-Week Programme (Followed by Younger You Everyday)

Transform your age in just 8 weeks with scientifically tested methods.

 Programme Highlights:

  • Explore recommended foods, dietary guidelines, and lifestyle practices to rejuvenate your health.
  • Understand how nutrition and lifestyle influence gene expression and cellular health.
  • Receive personalised strategies to adapt the "Younger You" plan to your preferences and goals.
  • Access comprehensive support materials including shopping lists, food guides, and weekly meal planners with recipes.
  • Take advantage of a bio-age quiz and optional vitality screen for personalised insights.
  • Supplement your journey with Nutritional Therapy sessions and follow-up support for ongoing motivation.

Understanding Biological Age vs Chronological Age

Biological age reflects your body's health and system condition, which can be reversed, unlike chronological age, the number of years you've lived. Focusing on health span is crucial, as it determines quality of life more than life span alone.

Take the Bio-Age quiz now to find out your biological age*. 

Improvements Reported:

  • Increased energy and better mood
  • Reduced depression and headaches
  • Clearer skin and weight loss
  • Enhanced immunity and digestion
  • Improved blood sugar, insulin, inflammatory markers, and cholesterol levels

No matter your background, health, age, or weight, you can begin improving your health, reducing biological age, and extending both health span and potentially lifespan. Join me on the path to a younger, healthier you today!

Emmy x

Take the Bio-Age quiz now to find out your biological age*. 

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#1 ‘Younger You Intensive’ and ‘Younger You Every Day’ Programme – £195*

  • 90 minute consultation (zoom) including:
    • Brief case history and interpretation
    • Programme Introduction
  • 1 x 30 minute follow-up consultation (zoom)
  • Biological Age Quiz
  • Support documents**
  • Optional ‘add on’ follow-up consultations

*excluding optional add on follow up consultations

#2 Younger You’ Programme and Nutritional Therapy Consultations - £375

  • Initial 90 minute consultation (zoom) including:
    • Case history and interpretation
  • 60 minute Programme Introduction (zoom)
  • 3 x 45 minute Nutritional Therapy follow-up consultations (zoom)
  • Biological Age Quiz
  • Support documents**

#3 Vitality Screening and ‘Younger You’ Programme Consultation -  £450

  • Initial 90 minute consultation (face to face) including:
    • Pre-programme Vitality Screen (baseline ageing biomarkers)
  • 60 minute Programme Introduction (zoom)
  • 2 x 45 minute follow up consultations (zoom)
  • 60 minute Post-programme Vitality Screen (post-programme comparison ageing biomarkers) (face to face)
  • Biological Age Quiz
  • Support documents*

Click here to book a free 15 minute discovery call or to start your Younger You programme today.

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* The subjective Bio Age Quiz is a free assessment tool. It can reveal what you are doing right and where you can improve.

Upon completing the quiz, you will receive a copy of your results via email which I invite you to share with me for discussion and planning.

** Support documents include:

  • Overview of Younger You Intensive and Everyday 
  • Food plan
  • Food checklist
  • Food shopping list
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Tracker
  • Tips and tricks
  • Sleep guide
  • Exercise guide
  • Relaxation guide
  • ... and more