Customer reviews

I recently undertook the test with Emmy as I was really interested to understand more about what we actually need and where I was health wise. Emmy is super knowledgeable and guided me through the process helping me understand each step with ease. I could generally be a bit healthier and the small dietary changes Emmy advised along with adding a few supplements of key minerals I was short of have definitely helped. I will be booking a review in a few months to re-evaluate. Would 100% recommend. - Alex
Emmy is ace
Very knowledgeable and approachable!

I would recommend the screening for anyone looking to improve holistic health and well-being - Sian 

Emmy was wonderful. I had been self ‘healing’ for almost a year and luckily stumbled upon Emmy’s details - wow, what an incredible experience to understand my body and what’s impacting it. I was blown away by the detail she went into and tweaking various things I did day-to-day to improve areas I was struggling with i.e my fatigue and stomach issues. Really insightful experience and even her after support / checking in and helping after the fact has been really great. Cannot wait to re-book and see the progress we’re making. Thanks again! - Arabella

The health check & hair analysis was really insightful. It was great to understand why I had been experiencing certain symptoms. Emmy has a wealth of knowledge of how the body works, why things might start to go wrong and what is needed to put it right. She provided me with a number of recommendations and tweaks to my diet, lifestyle and existing supplements. I’m already seeing benefits in just a few weeks. - Kirsteen

The health screening was effortless and relaxed, Emmy made the experience fun.
The results are provided on the day which means immediate changes can be made.
Emmy research my particular concerns and tailored my screening to suit so I had clear direction.
I’d recommend to everyone!

Thanks Emmy…. - Dave

What a great service, everyone should have a health check like this, thorough, quick and concise, results on the day, a brilliant way to work out your baseline then lifestyle changes/supplements are recommended to help improve your health, already I’m feeling the benefits. Emmy is lovely and knowledgeable and always there to answer any questions post health screening, which has been really useful, can’t wait for my next one to see how my health has improved! Thanks Emmy! - Emma 

Decided to start the new year with some real focus and a more intelligent approach to my health. Emmy came to our home, spent a few hours with me, ran lots of tests and at the end produced a set of results (some good, some not 😬) and a plan of action to address the ones that need work - all which are reversible apparently - inc. specific diet tweaks, nutritional supplements, changes to my eating habits, breathing exercises, etc. I got to see the real me, not the poser in the mirror, but to understand what’s under the hood. Things like my internal fat stores (around my organs), elasticity of my arteries and how freely my blood flows, heart and lung capacity (apparently I nailed this test - well happy!), and all the usual candidates too like cholesterol. I’m planning to pay Emmy for another test in a few months to see how all the hard work I’m putting in now to rectify the metrics on my report which weren’t right, is having a positive impact - hopefully!! 🤞. The great thing is, everything is quantified in detail, so any improvements are measurable. I’m following Emmy’s plan as closely as possible and looking fwd to seeing my own results improve. Honestly, if you’re on the fence just do it. The information you get is way more than anything you’ll receive from say an NHS based health MOT and as a middle aged bloke who turns 50 this year, I personally place a big emphasis on my health these days. So money v well spent imo. Great investment. - Andrew