The Screening Measures

The Tests

The tests are performed using hospital grade equipment and include:

  • Urine and saliva tests for pH, liver and kidney function
  • Finger prick blood sample for Haemoglobin, Uric Acid, Cholesterol and Glucose
  • Lung capacity and function
  • Blood pressure and heart (3 or 6 lead ECG)
  • Circulation, how you get oxygen and nutrients around the body for energy (or lack of), flexibility of main arteries and peripheral arteries
  • Oxygenation, SpO2
  • Autonomic nervous system - SNS (get up and go), PSNS (rest and digest) and physical and mental stress as you are perceiving it. 
  • Body Composition Analysis, measuring body fat, visceral fat, retained water, metabolic age and more...

Everything is interconnected and ebbs and flows together, with every action there is a reaction.  As well as looking at the result of each individual test, we look at how these all interconnect and the whole picture.