To subscribe please complete our:

Home Sreening Client form 

Required for us to register you to the online Screening System, so that you can input your results, view your reports and trend your results.

At the end of the form, you have an option to set up a Direct Debit for your monthly subscription (collected on the last day of each month until you cancel).

Once you are registered as a client on our system and your Direct Debit has been set up, you will receive an email from 'Your Future Vitality' with a link for you to access the shop to purchase your kit. You will also receive access to the online Screening System and the training videos for your kit. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a screening system that trends each individual client, therefore each individual must be set up as a new client and subscription fees apply. Please Contact Us for multiple subscription discounts. 

For more detail on subscriptions and cancellations click here...


* Smart Vitality do not accept liability for any pre existing conditions.

**We recommend a full Fitness and Lifestyle Screening appointment at the outset to ensure there are no underlying conditions prior to Home Screening.