Tailored Kits

Tailored Kits
We have kits designed to suit a wide range of purposes for instance:

We are able to perform screenings remotely. Whether this is to keep a watchful eye on clients who want to invest in the wellness of themselves, their family or employees, clients with an active lifestyle who want to improve their body and exercise performance and Carers wanting to keep a keen eye on infection and inflammation. 

Clients can keep track of their progress from the comfort of their home. Using one of our screening kits to measure their own vital signs, entering the results into the system using their smart phone, iPad or laptop to keep a record of their results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This data is shared securely with us so that we can monitor your results and send detailed recommendations on diet, lifestyle and supplement changes each month, moving you towards optimum vitality.*

*The Your Future Vitality Screening System is fully GDPR compliant. 

Screening kits are priced individually and have a low monthly subscription charge from £12 a month. 

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